User's Guide

Scoring file LK 2.1 (to be used with all final versions of KOOS-Child, available from website October 13, 2015)

Updated scoring file for KOOS-Child 2.0 English version (to be used with the English LK 2.0 version of KOOS-Child, available from website until October 13, 2015)

Scoring file LK 1.0 (to be used with the preliminary version of KOOS-Child)

On October 13, 2015 the English and the Norwegian versions of KOOS-Child have been updated to version 2.1. The update includes reversion of the answer options to item Q3. In the previous version (2.0) the response option are, by mistake, in the wrong order. In KOOS-Child the response option indicating the least problems should always be to the far left. In case you have used KOOS-Child 2.0 and calculated KOOS-Child QOL scores you need to recalculate them using the excel-file named “Updated scoring file for KOOS-Child 2.0". In the future you should use KOOS-Child version 2.1 (which is the version from now on available from the website) and the scoring file named “Scoring file KOOS-Child LK 2.1”. Oct. 13, 2015
On November 27 2015, the Norwegian version was further updated to version 2.2. This update includes reversion of the answer possibilities of question S4 and S5. Both the previous versions 2.0 and 2.1 had wrong ordering of these answer options. If you have used either the 2.0 or 2.1 version and need guidance for scoring, please contact the KOOS webmanager: webmanager@koos.nu. Nov. 27, 2015